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The National Association of Home Builders warns that synthetic stucco, (also known as EIFS, Exterior

Insulation and Finish Systems) even when it's properly installed, can develop wood rot-causing moisture

The entire problem with synthetic stucco or EIFS relates to how it's applied to a home:

        1. Rigid insulation board is glued firmly to the home's frame or sheathing with an adhesive.

       2. This insulating board is covered with fiberglass mesh and two layers of the hard synthetic finish. This                          synthetic finish layer resists water, which one would think would be a good thing. Unfortunately, when/if                    water gets behind the synthetic stucco, it remains there and that's how the wood rot begins. The basic                      problem is, the EIFS systems lack a harmless path of escape for water. The reality being, water always                      seems to find its way behind siding.

The National Association of Home Builders urges homeowners to have their homes checked at least yearly by

a professional experienced in IFS water intrusion inspections. The NAB further urges homeowners to

immediately take action on any needed repairs. Delays can cause minor problems to escalate into major

nightmares that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to remedy. Like others who have researched the EIFS

problem, NAB suggests that many homeowners have their house re-sided witt›something else. In our opinion,

HardiePlank is the best option available. It now comes with a 30 year warranty.

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