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Excitingly, with the right expectations, reprogramming your home's exterior can result in a stunning outcome. To ensure you're ready, study the reprogramming process and some obstacles homeowners face while completing their projects.

Before you start

After discussing various siding styles with you, your remodeler will help you finalize exterior remodeling ideas for your home. They will consider the look you want and provide an estimate that includes material and labor costs, paint, necessary permits, and a timeline for completion.

Starting your remodel

Everything can appear to be very daunting at the start of your remodeling project. It's common for remodelers to work on only one part of your home at a time to avoid exposure to extreme weather conditions. However, a dumpster will be brought to your residence to eliminate old siding or construction leftovers. Also, some remodelers can even supply you with a portable crew toilet! Workers will begin by breaking up the existing siding. Its interior walls may vibrate slightly, so remove any hanging pictures or valuables to prevent accidental breakage.

Expect the unexpected

If your home currently has asbestos siding, you will incur additional costs to remove it. Once the old siding is removed, your remodeler may discover water damage or areas needing immediate repair. Simple repairs include adjusting the window flashing or replacing some wooden feet. Major structural repairs may cost you more.

house siding

Before installing your siding, your remodeler will install a code-approved waterproof barrier and inspect your flashing. If your walls are uneven, furring strips will be installed to create a flat mounting surface for the siding. All seams between lap siding and trim are taped to help prevent water ingress. (Sealing between siding and trim may not be applied if the installer uses the trim method.)

the final touch

Once your remodeler finishes installing all the trim and siding, the painters will move in (unless you install pre-finished LP SmartSide siding and trim). All LP SmartSide products are pre-primed for better paint adhesion and to help save time during your project. Your painter may use various methods to paint your home, including a sprayer. Be careful parking cars far from home and advise nearby neighbors to do the same.

Once your siding project is complete, your remodeler will remove all scrap materials and walk you through your home for a final inspection. Now is the time to enjoy your beautiful home.

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