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Five significant considerations before building this deck

As you contemplate installing a solar energy system in your home, remember that it still provides electricity to power your utility needs. This makes for an outstanding return on investment due to the continuous savings on monthly bills.

Based on our 5-star reputation in deck design and construction for nearly 30 years, here are the top 5 issues to consider:

1 - Price

Let's be frank; price is the first thing that nearly everyone inquires about when presented with a proposal. It may unknowingly determine whether or not a deal succeeds. Thus, let us delve into this crucial aspect of our offer - its cost!

Regarding the cost of a deck, we're strict on Goldilocks, which means you don't want to go for the cheapest proposition. You probably want to go for something other than the more expensive (unless there's a ton of customization involved, but that's another story).

Walk around almost any neighborhood, and you'll find cheap, uh, cheap blankets. How do you know they are cheap?

After a full year of enduring the rigors of weather conditions such as freezing temperatures, thawing cycles, rain, and heat, it is no wonder that the boards that were affixed with nails instead of screws have already begun to loosen.

Like a bad haircut or an ill-fitting suit, platform design needs to sit better with the house. It would also negatively affect the resale value of the home.

They're made of wood (often cheap wood), which leads to premature wear and an expensive need (so much for those initial savings) to apply endless sealants.

Uneven spacing, crazy angles, and other unorthodox construction methods tell you that a hired work crew built the bridge rather than a true craftsman living off it.

The key here is to find a price that fits your budget and ensures that you'll add an attractive, high-quality deck to your home that will last for years and maintain (or even increase) your home's value.

2 - Construction Practices

You've decided to have this surgery that you're putting off, and you have a few options. Do you choose based on the surgeon's history, experience, or photographs from the hospital operating room?

One of the most innovative things an owner can do is to focus at least as much on how a design will be implemented as on the design itself. Yes, everyone loves looking at beautiful patio pictures, but it's in the actual construction that the true character of this design will come to life.

A simple example: remember how we mentioned using screws instead of nails? Most deck builders, especially the cheaper ones, use nails. Nails are great for things like the internal structure of the house because they will never be exposed to the elements. Decks, however, take the brunt of the weather, and nails corrode more quickly and begin to lose grip. (Don't just take our word for it.)

So take some time and ask your contractor about construction practices and habits. The group's artisans have mastered the art of building terraces.

3 – Design

Now for the fun stuff. Our age of social media means that homeowners can dream up endless photos and deck designs on Pinterest, Houzz, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as supplier websites. Who isn't excited when imagining the Bill Gates platform added to their home? (Bill Gates has a hammer, doesn't he?)

But that's the problem with the design: you need to make sure the format works with your home and outdoor space. The key here is to find a plan that: Creates a natural complement to your home design, Use materials that blend well with your home and surroundings. Meet all your family's outdoor needs

4 - times

Many of our customers ask us how to compete on price with deck builders at a lower cost. Our answer: we only employ real artisans. We understand how to design and build a deck with proven techniques that save our time and the homeowner's money. Find a contractor who builds quality decks at a fast pace.

5 - Professionalism

As we took the dog for a stroll every morning and evening, our neighbor's home renovation was at the forefront of our minds. We noticed something, not every homeowner thinks about when needing such services - how respectful were their contractors? Unfortunately, in this case, it wasn't great. The lawn was constantly left with scrap materials from construction, even leftover lunch items! It was definitely an eyesore to see while walking through the neighborhood.

Contractors are like temporary guests in your home, so when you're searching for someone to complete a job, it's important to locate an individual who appreciates and respects the sanctity of your property and your lifestyle.

With these helpful tips, you're well on your way to creating the perfect deck!

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